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The Staff

Wantei Warjri

The nerd. He takes care of SEO and coding and likes to learn Japanese in his spare time. A coder at heart, he is currently studying to become proficient in a variety of technological fields. He likes to dabble in games sometimes.
His number one fetish is “Megane Girls”.

Coding, SEO, Web Design, Server Management, Website Troubleshooting.

12249873_10201280942581107_82802840865850413561_n Ron Roy

The resident blogger. When he’s not dabbling away at his keyboard or chilling on Skype/Steam, he can be found perusing bookstores and avoiding white bread.
Loves blogging, music and writing about Japanese Culture. He likes to spend time practicing photography and improving his ninja skills.
His number one kink is Ahegao.

Writing, Photography, Event Coverage, Publicity, Brain Storming.

12662660_10208992959290569_513948684931196829_n Marcos Carrasquillo

Anime Enthusiast, Business Major.
He likes white haired Anime girls and gaming on his Vita.
When he’s not out working or at a club, he’s at home, working out to an intense playlist whilst munching on sandwiches laden with ham and eggs.

Blogging, Content Creation, Quality Checking

^F67D9098B17A270634D30EFCD3A0B11F5FEB1A1FA962108168^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr Hoshi

The resident Cosplayer.
When she’s not sleeping, she likes to spend her time being creative anyway she can.
She loves painting, crafting, cooking and making videos. Currently working as a sushi chef, she often finds herself budgeting and thinking about life.
She has a variety of kinks but that’s classified information.

Writing, Publicity, Event Coverage, Eye Candy