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Restaurants in Japan: Saizeriya Family Restaurant

Saizeriya Family Restaurant (サイゼリヤ), is a staple of the huge circle of family restaurants in Japan.
Today, we are going to see what its like eating in this popular family friendly restaurant. We will be focusing mostly on menu items and value for money.

Saizeriya restaurantSaizeriya outside signsaizeriya menu

Interiors :

Saizeriya restaurants are quite large and usually only have tables that fit 4 to 6 people. That’s good if you are looking for a place to study or catch up with friends and need a large table at your disposal.
Most family restaurants are similar in this regard, so whichever family restaurant in Japan you end up going to you’ll most likely see a similar set up.

The Menu!

Upon choosing a table at Saizeriya, it’s time to order.
Right off the bat, the menu is simple and is full of illustrations of all the available items. Saizeriya has both English and Japanese included for convenience!

Saizeriya outside sign saizeriya appetizer menu saizeriya pasta menu saizeriya pizza and doria menu saizeriya's doria saizeriya steak menu

Saizeriya has a wide selection of food items available.
The variety of dishes Saizeriya has is one of their greatest strengths when compared to other family restaurants in Japan.

As I couldn’t possibly order all the items on the menu, I choose the most popular items.
One of the items ordered was just 299 yen ($2.99) !
As for appetizers, the chicken wings came up on the menu as the most popular, so I ended up ordering those as well.
( I love chicken wings !)

Chicken wings Doria Saizeriya family restaurantDoria 1 Saizeriya family restaurant cheese chicken Doria Saizeriya family restaurant

I also wanted to point out Saizeriya’s wine selection that is super cheap!
You can get a glass of wine for only 100 yen (about $1.00)! Of course, if wine isn’t your thing, they have beer too !

wine selection in Doria Saizeriya family restaurant

After finishing the main dishes, I had a look at the dessert section.
This is by far the smallest section they have, but I could still argue that it’s better than some other family restaurants out there.

In the end I ended up ordering just two items off the menu. These are apparently the most popular according to several Japanese friends I asked in a small questionnaire about Saizeriya ( roundabouts 10 Japanese friends).
And here are the most popular dessert items on the menu.

Truffle Ice cream, Ice Tiramisu with Italian Custard Pudding.

truffle Ice cream Doria Saizeriya family restaurant Cake at Doria Saizeriya family restaurant

Overall impression:

I think Saizeriya is a great place to go and study, grab a cheap bite to eat, or a place to relax with your friends. I wouldn’t recommend it as a dating spot, but I’ve taken a few girls on small “dates” here before and they’ve never complained ( as far as I know…).
With a  large menu, affordable wine, and delicious food available, it’s the perfect place for University students to grab a quick bite while studying for exams they have the next morning. I will say that it tends to get loaded at times due to the number of kids that are in the restaurant eating with their parents, so if you are looking for a quieter place, I would recommend a nearby café or a library.
When it comes down to it, Saizeria’s main focus is family.
It’s a great place to find a big table and enjoy a nice dinner with the entire family at a very affordable price range..

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Restaurants in Japan: Saizeriya Family Restaurant